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bitdna is a blockchain technology-based platform development, and It is a British company focusing on mobile mmorpg game development. Innovative 3rd generation coin based on blockchain technology, “Beyond Coin” developed Coming soon. with a massive mmorpg based on the latest Unreal 4 engine The game is about to launch on console and mobile. Do not miss the opportunity to be the leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are based on a block-chain platform, the protagonist of the Fourth Revolution. 3rd Generation crypto-currency Development, BlockChain Technology Application and App Development,ico Process. And we want to become a market leader by developing mobile applications.

We process 2.5~3.0 generation token that combines the benefits of Ethereum with the latest technology in the blockchain. It is under development and is about to be released soon.

Ico Finished.








  • 100%
Apply a maximum 35% bonus on token sales to those participating in rounds 1, 2, and 3.
Up to 35% of the special bonus will be paid with the token launch based on donations.
Daily dividends and shareholder opportunities.

Bitdna Offerings


platfrom & app

Distributed Ledger Platform

Permissioned blockchain platform to digitize financial instruments, rapidly create trading venues, and reduce operational overhead.
Become a leader in Blockchain Technology. We have top Ethereum developers / Solidity Developers, and Bitcoin Developers to help with all your Blockchain Development needs. Want to develop your own cryptocurrency or launch an ICO? We can do that too!

Software & mobile app Development

Bring to market that great mobile app or website with the help of a top custom software development company. Have an existing product? Let’s enhance it with new features to scale your user base. Maybe you need more software developers? Do you want to lead the app market with massive online server construction and mmorpg game? We can help with that too!

Blockchain technology enables a new digital asset class, which we believe, will drive the new economy.
bitdna is an investment company that provides investors access to a mixture of assets in the blockchain space, strategically chosen to balance stability and growth. Blue chip holdings such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are complemented by best-of-breed “smaller cap” crypto holdings


blockchain & ico

Cryptocurrency Development

bitdna is Blockchain App provides you advanced and innovative cryptocurrency development services with encompassing solutions for custom altcoin development that meets your objectives. Our cryptocurrency coin creating expertise will develop using cutting-edge technology to gives you to power ahead in the crypto race. Build secure and independent blockchain based currency tailored to your specifications and get unparalleled cryptocurrency development services.

Ico Offering

Our management team consists of industry pioneers – including founders and early adopters of blockchain projects, as well as the creators of the ICO (initial coin offering) revolution. With insights and experience going as far back as the beginning of the blockchain, we are able to vet prospective holdings for business sense and technical viability. This allows investors to benefit from early investment in projects that are qualified as having a strong projected growth trajectory, without the effort or uncertainty of doing research themselves.

We offer more than an opportunity to invest. We offer the opportunity to capitalize on the growth of the blockchain ecosystem, between holdings in existing technologies, and holdings in technologies that do not yet exist. bitdna is geared to maximize potential, in a sector where new potential is being discovered on a regular basis.

Bitdna Process

Distributed Applications

Our expert team of in-house blockchain developers take care of the full development stack, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to front end, mobile applications and graphic design.


Before we begin development, we provide independent strategic advice as to whether blockchain is suitable and adds genuine technical value in solving a particular problem, and if so, which of the available blockchain technologies is best suited.

For enterprises

Our founders have a background of developing and deploying solutions for the largest global institutions. This experience enables us to fully understand and appreciate non-functional and integration requirements, as well as the challenges associated with delivering new, innovative technology to enterprise production supported environments.

For startups

Our team works with companies from inception, often partnering for long term relationships. We are a startup ourselves, and we fully understand the pressure of startups, and this forces us to innovate, deliver and deploy at spee

Blockchain framework

Our blockchain application and privacy framework sits on top of any underlying blockchain platform to provide identity and key management, data privacy (including GDPR), anonymity, easy integration, development efficiency, and future-proof solutions to work with the best available technology.

Production ready

There’s a major difference between writing smart contracts for proof of concept in a lab environment, and architecting and deploying a distributed blockchain application into a production environment. All of our applications are designed from the start to incorporate the lessons we’ve learned through deploying to both startup and enterprise production environments.


Our team provides the technical tools and support required for a public token sale. We review and contribute to numerous whitepapers, provide token model and blockchain application and integration advice, develop proof of concepts to support token pre-sales, and provide our own secure and tested token issuance platform.

Security audits

One of the promises of blockchain technology is an increase in trust and reduction in fraud. All of our solutions are security audited both internally and by an independent third party. We also provide auditing services for blockchain smart contracts developed by others.

We accept the following

Our Distribution Plans

Round 1

Start: April 2018
soft cap: $ 2m

Denomination: ETH / BTC / LTC

min contribution: $ 10

  Tokens bonus: 35%

Special bonus: 30%

Daily 1.8% / 100 days

1ETH will be swapped => 3000 BEC (beyondcoin)

Round 2

Start: Q2~Q3 Scheduled for 2018
soft cap: $ 2m

Denomination: ETH / BTC / LTC

min contribution: $ 100


 Tokens bonus: 25%

Special bonus: 20%

Daily 1.5% / 100 days

1ETH will be swapped => 2000 BEC (beyondcoin)

Initial Coin Offering

Our Mobile Application and Self-Service Terminals operating

ico Finished.








First Coin Offering” 



January 2017

Establishment of company. Private equity ($ 1m). BlockChain Based Platform, Game R & D, Initiated.

July 2017

Begin developing the “Beyondcoin”(BEC) blockchain based token.

January 2018

mgameclone opened. 17 mobile and pc game development engines completed. Developed more than 10 game outsourcing.

April 2018

ico progress, Pre-order Token.

Q3 2018

AppStore, GoogleStore 5 ~ 10 Games (mmorpg, fps) release.

Q4 2018

BlockChain Based Coin(token) Official release (Beyond Coin)

Q1 2019

All Contribution Users => Special Bonus and Stock Offer.

Q1 2019

mmorpg, fps game for console (pc, ps4, xbox) development.

Q2 2019

Game and betting (casino) based on mobile blockchain, release.

Q3 ~ Q4 2019

Unreal 4 engine based fps, mmorpg(app version) release.

Q3 ~ Q4 2019

Unreal 4 engine based fps, mmorpg(consol version) release.

Q1 ~ Q2 2019

app for total download 100,000,000 more complete.

Q3 ~ Q4 2020

IPO progress and Listed on stock.

Our management team

– Business Management
– Corporate Governance
– Growth Management
Aneurin has worked in the online gaming industry for the past 12 years. a real cash economy online game.

Aneurin Brian

Founder & CEO

– Chief of Operati ons
– Business Management
– Team development
Edward has extensive experience in IT Project management and soft ware design. He has 10 years experience in rapid deployment of infrastructure projects.

Edward Roy

Founder & COO

– User Interface Design
– Java Script
Kerry is an experienced website developer with expertise in integrating front end.

Kerry Martin

Web Development

– Gaming Industry
– Gaming Hardware Marketing
– Gamer Community Management
– Games Marketing

Ryan Alber

marketing / Community Management

Lead Crypto Management
– Economic Management
– Multi -Disciplinary Interpretati on
– Research and Strategic Analysis

Anthony Steven

BlockChain Full-Stack Development

Contact Us

official address:

201 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3AB,